1. The Burdens Of Running Gambling Business in Poland

    November 13, 2014 by Judith Hossenfeffer


    Casino is defined as structurally separated place where card games, table games and machines are maintained according to the approved rules. There must be at tables 4 tables and from 5 to 70 slot machines – from 5 to 70. Importantly, players vs. players poker is not allowed (video poker and poker with the dealer are the only legal forms); the exception are tournaments with at least 10 participants and preliminarily established fund.

    A strict ban imposed on betting and bingo casino and any other deviations from the specialization of the gambling establishment. All the numerical games, cash raffle and TV bingo are under the state monopoly.

    Engaging in gambling in the territory of Poland is allowed for legal entities in the form of Joint-Stock Companies, INCs or LLCs. The authorized capital of the company must be at least 4 million zlotys, while all the shares should be kept simple and recorded, plus the share of any shareholder must not exceed 33.3%.

    As reported by nederlandsegokken online casino, a major online statistics database website, the article on Dutch investment flow into Polish gambling business, bookmakers and bingo clubs require the authorized fund of 2 million zlotys. The founders of such companies may be legal entities, entrepreneurs, and citizens of the European Union and European Free Trade Association.

    An individual is not allowed to have 1% or more of shares, if he or she was charged for disturbing public order, public or economy safety indicated in Art. 299 of the Penal code. The gambling establishment can be headed only by a holder of a certificate issued by the Ministry of Finance. In addition to passing the exam, obtaining the permit requires knowledge of the Polish language, the absence of a criminal record and a clean reputation.

    Similar certificates are provided for applicants for all the positions related to the conduction of the game and calculations with the players. The staff license is issued for the period of 3 years. Opening a new business on cruise ship or ferry would be easier (an interesting fact: the games are not allowed 30 minutes prior to departure/arrival).

    Licensing and taxation

    To work legally you’ll need a license. To obtain it, you must submit an application and wait for the results of the inspection. The license is provided for 6 years and requires and requires a payment of 1.2 million zlotys for casinos- 600 thousand for bingos and 40 thousand for bookmakers. If a business is running more than 3 points, the sum is increased. In addition, the annual license fee will be charged (in 2011 it equaled a sum of nearly 50% of the initial payment), as well as fees for the certification of personnel.

    Gambling business tax depends on the type of the establishment places. The minimum prize fund for numerical games and bingo is 50%, for lotteries, charity bingo and bingo – 30%. Unregistered machine will cost 12 thousand zlotys, while the organizer of the illegal game will lose all income.