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When I was in Kish, Azerbaijan, I went to the Gelersen-Görersen fortress ruins. Originally, I was going to walk there from town but feeling lazy, I got a taxi. I'm glad I did. It was over two miles to the entrance on exposed road. When it's 95 and humid, you don't want to be doing that walk. But what made it even more fun was this taxi driver.
He spoke no English, I spoke no Azeri but he came on the walk with me and while I'm panting up the incline to get to the ruins, he's moving like Tarzan in flip flops!
He pointed out some ruins I wouldn't have noticed, took me on some interesting paths through the woods (basically, no set trail, just wandering), and did a funny pantomine / hissing sound to warn me of snakes. On the way back, he rocked out to AC/DC. It was a fun experience.
The ruins are pretty spectactular and, when you climb on top of the wall, you get expansive views of the valley. FYI, it's a steep incline up to the ruins!

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Tbilisi surprised me. I found a city that was a weird combination of old and new. You have this tiny little old town surrounded by epic modern buildings with futuristic architecture.

The city is gritty in that cool Lisbon way (not that run down Athens kind of way). There's a big alternative art scene, international food, beautiful bridges, sulfur baths, and even waterfalls within the city limits. The old castle provides views for miles and you can spend hours getting lost in the garden. I was blown away by the energy this city radiated!
Ohh and there's tons of good wine too!! If Prague and Budapest had a love child, Tbilisi would be it!

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Meet Bharath (@againbackthere). He's 29, from Chennai, and has been on the road for three weeks. He's moving to NYC to work for Spotify. He spotted me on our free hostel walking tour. Apparently, he used my website to plan his trip to Boquete, Panama (one of my fav spots in the country). It's always fun running into readers! Check out his Insta!

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Off to Georgia tomorrow! I'll only enough time to see Tbilisi before I head home on Wednesday! I've really loved Azerbaijan though. The landscape, the people, the food! 5 stars for sure! (I'll be writing about it sometime in the next few weeks.)

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No matter your age, this quote applies.

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Today was an interesting and crazy day. I left Baku with my friend and headed to the tiny mountain town of Lahic. Only about three hours outside of Baku, we decided to save time and take an Uber (it's here now!). It would save us over an hour. Though not super budget friendly, split between two people it wasn't too expensive. Why not treat myself for my birthday? It was already mid-day and I wanted to get there as quick as possible.

I'm glad we did, because it turned out to be a hilarious and fun experience. First, our driver spoke no English and got lost along the way. On the turn off to Lahic, our driver drove up the road, pulled over, and started chatting in Russian. Unable to communicate with us, he called a friend who explained the driver didn't know the road, and since it was gravel, he didn't want to drive it but he'd get us a taxi for $5. He was clearly being lazy, but unable to argue with him, we relented.

He drove us back to the turn off where we were greeted by the most Russian looking old guy, smoking a cigarette while standing next to his Soviet-era car; our taxi. To use the word "car" is to use the word loosely. It was a piece of metal with a hood. Rusted over, the insides barely had any finishing, the seat belts were non-existent, the flooring missing, the wires exposed, the dashboard falling apart, and the windshield cracked. In this "taxi", we zoomed up a gravel road through the mountains. Around us the mountains rose high into the bright blue sky, rivers could be heard below, and lush green foliage surrounded us on all sides. We were in the Caucasus now. As we pulled onto the cobblestone and got our first glimpse of Lahic, with its tiny homes and voice yelling "It's still ancient times here," I felt alive. Our driver dropped us off and shook our hands. We exchanged names and smiles before he continued down the road.

Now, I am here for two days to hike and relax in the mountains. The people here are all smiles. Our guesthouse owner cooked the most amazing meal.

These are the days I travel for!

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It’s my birthday!! The day is almost over here in Baku, but it was a 37th birthday well-spent seeing the mud volcanoes, petroglyphs (ancient rock carvings), and fire temples.
I’m really enjoying my time here and very excited for the next few days of exploring before heading to Tbilisi, Georgia. If anyone has been to either Azerbaijan or Georgia, let me know!

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Sunset here in Baku, Azerbaijan on my first day. I don't have a lot of time here so I raced around the city doing a few walking tours, stuffing my face full of food, exploring the new and old city, and seeing whatever museums I could.
It was a long day but one that was very rewarding. I really dig this city. It has a very Barcelona / Paris meets the East feel to it with its wide boulevards and pedestrian streets, lots of parks, and late 19th century architecture. This is because, after oil was found in the 1850s, Baku became a very rich country and the Russian Czar and local oligarchs wanted to emulate the cities of Western Europe!
And I’ve found that it’s a VERY affordable place to visit (like $35 USD a day or less!)

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Really touching article on Bourdain's death. I'm still in shock he is gone. It's been really hard to process. I haven't stopped thinking or reading about it. I wish I was home in the states so I could bing watch all his shows but I'm here in Azerbaijan and will eat all the weird food in his honor. RIP Tony.

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These old houses from East London survived the war and date back to the 1700s. This was the poorest part of London (though lately it's become quite hip and fashionable) and it was in these streets that Jack the Ripper roamed in the late 1800s.
If you can imagine cobblestone streets and gas lamps, you can imagine Victorian London since these houses are pretty much unchanged!
#eastlondon #london

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So change of plans! I'm heading to Georgia and Azerbaijan on Sunday! I've been looking to break out of the Western Europe / Southeast Asia travel bubble I seem to be in so I'm pretty stoked to be visiting here! We don't have a lot of time but I'm taking time away from work so I can focus on these new places! If you've been and have tips, leave them here!

P.S. - Sorry, UK folks, this means no meet-ups! :(

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CNN's Anthony Bourdain dead at 61

Years ago, I went to his favorite sushi place in Osaka and tweeted that I thought it was "meh." We got into a fun debate on what makes sushi great. I had the fortune of meeting him at an event once and, starstruck, all I could do was stammer on about how I liked his episode on the fish place from my town he profiled.

It has been the only time I've ever been starstruck in my entire life.

He has always been an inspiration to me. When I was planning my trip around the world, I imagined myself roaming parts unknown like him. He one of the people who inspired me to do this thing I do.

So seeing this flash on my screen is a real damn bummer and fills me with tremendous sadness.

"Devastated" doesn't describe my feelings right now.

A survivor of attempted suicide once said that as he jumped off the SF bridge, he realized he wanted to live and prayed for another chance. He thanks every day he got it.

Suicide is never the answer and it's a shame Tony thought that it was. The world is a darker place without him. This industry is a darker place without him. I am a little darker without him. He was and has always been an inspiration to me throughout my career. He made me want to always be better.

Now a hero is gone.

Please if you are feeling down or suicidal, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. Call your local version if you aren't in the states.

Depression claims too many of us.

Get help. Find people. See a therapist. You will leave behind more sorrow than you think you are escaping and you'll never know just how much people truly did care.

Tony, we cared.

I wish you could know that.

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